Generate Q1 Cash Flow with our Beginning of Year Benefits Letters
Take a minute to join Michael Fleming, Author and CEO at Innovate Dental Marketing, to learn how our Beginning of Year Benefits Letters from Innovate Dental Marketing will help you and your Dental Practice; 
1. Educate your patients that their benefits have renewed, 

2. Activate existing patients to take action on their existing treatment plans, 

3. Re-activate inactive patients to invite them back to your practice, and 

4. Improve cash flow to boost your Q1!

As You Can See...

Beginning of Year Letters can be a GREAT way to help your patients, while also helping's truly a WIN/WIN! 
The Question Is...

Are YOU Ready for an EPIC Q1?

I recently read an article that talked about the value of Cash Flow to your dental practice, and according to some, Cash Flow might be the most important component to your business. In addition, It's also been my experience over the last 14 years that many people focus on new patient acquisition when they think about trying to generate new cash flow for their practice. But did you know that your answer for improved Cash Flow might be... 

Right under your NOSE? 

Although generating new patients for your practice is critical to healthy practice growth, your quickest path to increased Cash Flow is from your Existing Patients! That's already have TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (if not HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!) of treatment plans in your system!

We're big believers that it never hurts to talk! We'd love to connect with you and learn more about how we can help you and your practice grow in 2020!

Fill out the form below, and I will personally reach out to you so we can both develop a customized plan that's perfect for your practice!

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