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WHAT'S BELOW: My Introduction To Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice, and Why You Will Want To Consider This book for you and your staff (You'll Really Appreciate this...)
CORRECTION!!! UPDATED AS OF 3/29/2020: In the above Video, I Stated that if you PURCHASE Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice, you would receive a FREE digital copy as well, but since that original recording, I have decided to GIVE you the Digital copy of my book FOR FREE! It's my gift to you during these times of great uncertainty!



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A little about my book, Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice:

Marketing and Communications for a Dental Practice or Dental Organization can be very challenging because oftentimes a marketer will try to use techniques that have worked well for them in other industries...yet those same strategies don’t necessarily generate the same positive response for their dental marketing objectives. After continued weak performance,  one can easily start to believe that “marketing just doesn’t work for us”, when the reality is, it was never the marketing that was just great effort spent in the wrong area’s. 

In these pages, told in plain English and real life stories, you will discover: 

     -How Marketing for Dentistry is starts with your CULTURE, 
     -How to “Find Your Voice” so you can craft a simple and trustworthy brand and brand story, 

     -How to “Use Your Voice” by identifying target demographics and crafting messages that will resonate with them 

     -How to “Listen to the Crowd” so you can analyze your ROI to see how your Voice is being received, and make the appropriate adjustments so you can continually improve your marketing message!

Now is NOT the Time to Try and Sell You Something!

Seriously! Of all industries that have been hammered from this COVID-19 feels like Dentist's have been one of the HARDEST hit by State and Federal Mandates that are trying to keep Americans safe from the spread of this deadly virus! Although you are still encouraged to be available to provide Emergency Dental services for your patients, there are many practices that have shuttered their practices to wait out the storm. 

I understand that this unprecedented time means FEAR for you right now, and what WORSE time to try and sell you something than when you are uncertain as to whether or not your business will even exist 3 months from now???

Now IS the Time to GIVE and ADD VALUE!

With all of this uncertainty in your life, there's a lot of confusion, frustration, and questions that continue to rattle around your head...and ultimately SPINNING YOU OUT! This is why I want to help give you GUIDANCE and HOPE for a better tomorrow...FOR FREE!

I talk with a lot of Dentist's every single day...and some of the questions that are buzzing around inside their mind include...

What does COVID-19 mean for my business?

Who should I be looking to for future planning?

When will we be able to get back to work?

What does tomorrow look like?

What can I be doing now?

Have YOU been asking yourself similar questions? With all of this uncertainty in your life, I know that there's a lot of confusion, frustration, and questions that continue to overwhelm you! This is why I want to help give you GUIDANCE and HOPE for a better tomorrow...
Michael Fleming, Author of Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice
Who is Michael Fleming?
Michael Fleming is best know for his work as President and CEO at Innovate Dental Marketing, his Podcast “Find Your Voice”, and as the author of “Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice”. Michael has evolved his own circle of influence from being that of providing a service to his clients in exchange for money, to offing his coaching and trainings to professionals that are on their own path to self-discovery and working toward a purpose-filled life.
So What Are You Waiting For?
If you're still reading this, there's a good chance you are interested in learning more about Improving the Culture of Your Practice! 

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